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Join us on our favorite hikes! All trails are published in detail.

We use the Komoot App for Navigation to and from our hikes. All of our hikes are planned so that you can navigate to the trailhead by Google Maps easily!

Cubo de la Galga

Cubo de la Galga Trail, La Palma

The Cubo de la Galga Trail on La Palma in the Canary Islands A fantastic lush jungle trail in the Northeast of La Palma. Highly recommended for any traveler to the island. The trail is relatively...

Anaga Chinamada Hike – Tenerife

A narrow high-altitude cliff trail with spectacular views, the Anaga Gardens of Chinamada hike! This intermediate trail is relatively doable, but bring plenty of water. The sun hits and reflects on...

Playa de Tamadite

Anaga mountain hike, Tenerife

Laurel rainforest The Anaga mountains offer a vastly different fauna and climate than the more visited parts of the island in the South. A lush rainforest like fauna, pounded by the constant wet...